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Well Services - Onshore Units
Directional Drilling Services - MWD/LWD Tools
Pipeline Integrity Services 
Tubulars - Sales and Services 
Well Productivity Improvement and Reservoir Studies

ATTAINMENT Ingenieria - Professional Services


Attainment Ingeniería is composed of a team of professionals from different professional backgrounds and work experiences within the Oil and Gas industry both key attributes which enrich and contribute to the success of what we do. 

Based on our teams strengths we focus on the following areas:

Well Services
A team of professionals offering complementary products and services for the onshore drilling and completion activity in addition to workover and production optimization of oil & gas wells, including but not limited to:

  • Coiled tubing and Wireline units
  • Nitrogen injection equipment
  • Hot oil and Swabbing units
  • Flush-by  -  Installation and rcovery of sucker rods and downhole pumps from reciprocating and progressing cavity artificial lift systems
  • Tubulars and related services​


  • Sale and rental of tools and downhole accessories (TMK-Completions)

Oil and Gas production, Well productivity and Reservoir studies
A team of professionals with experience in oil and gas wells productivity, production well testing, artificial production systems, well pressure monitoring systems, and reservoir engineering, including but not limited to:

  • Static Reservoir Characterization: Geological models, Petrophysical evaluations, OOIP and OGIP volumetric estimations 
  • Dynamic Reservoir Characterization: Pressure and rate transient analysis, Numerical simulation, Remaining oil and gas reserves calculations
  • Well Productivity Optimization: Production and nodal system analysis, well testing and well stimulation evaluation  
  • Artificial Lift Systems: Designing the suitable for the field or optimizing the current system
  • Surface Production Network Analysis: Production system optimization against constrains

​We assist our clients with the analysis of information to determine the potential and the productivity of their oil and gas wells. This can be achieved by the compilation and thorough analysis of all relevant information. In parallel, we also provide support to identify what relevant information may be missing and provide solutions as to how to get it without incurring into major expenses. All this information will allow us to help our Clients to generate their engineering diagnostic plots and to identify the causes of high or low well productivity as well as the key factors for potential well improvement or optimization.

  • Tubing and Casing sale (TMK-Ipsco)
  • Cementing wellhead rental (unique design that allows to rotate and reciprocate at the same time)
  • Quality threads supervision, physical inspection and cleaning of pipes and threads
  • Power tong and computerized torque monitoring torque service in tubing and casing up to 9-5/8”
  • Hydrotesting services for tubing strings and superficial accessories (preventors, well heads, christmas trees, valves, etc.)

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