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Attainment Inttec - PIPELINE Integrity Services

Attainment Inttec is a Mexican company dedicated to evaluate the integrity of buried pipeline integrity conditions, in particular those that are not able to be inspected with instrumented pigs (unpiggables), using efficient state of the art inspection technologies, while complying with the applicable standards, best practices and laws recognized by the Oil and Gas industry.

A-Inttec has a multidisciplinary engineering team with more than 25 specialized members dedicated only to this type of services during the last 12 years. During this period of time, we have developed integrity studies to some of the major operators in the oil industry: PDVSA, ESSO, BP, COPEC, SHELL, PDVSA, PETROBRAS, ENAP, BARIPETROL, TECPETROL, among other regional companies in different countries in Latin America. We have evaluated almost 2000 km of pipelines and more than 80 flow facilities such as terminals, separation stations, etc.

Also, we are able to provide corrosion under isolating inspection (CUI) in pipelines and tanks. Our services follow the most important standards related to pipeline integrity which are: API 1160, gas-pipelines ASMEB31.8S and API570.

A-Inttec focuses in giving support to the customers in their “unpiggables” pipelines universe, which is 2/3 of all the current pipelines in service world wide, using the direct evaluation methodologies, ECDA, ICDA and SCCDA.

Our main advantage and distinction from other companies relies in that we provide our Clients an integral solution as well as a customized and quality service. 

The services we provide are:

  • Integrity studies for non-piggable pipelines
  • Evaluation,design and installation of cathodic protection systems
  • Underground pipelines coating evaluation
  • Application of new inspection technologies 
  • In service pipeline repairs using non-metal sleeves
  • Geospatial reference, collection and alignment of on site data, database development

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